Change Management Course

Change Management Course

Leapers, Bridge Builders and Tradition Holders

This workshop is designed to give participants a brief and engaging model for working with change. It is suitable for a broad organizational audience including upper and middle management as well as line staff. It can be used with a mixed group or with an intact team.

As the workshop research will point out, many companies today are struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving change. This course is designed to support employees through evolving change by providing the following:

  • Recent data on the impact of change on organizations
  • A simple model on how organizations change
  • Education on different response styles to change and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding on how to best leverage those response styles to support effective change
  • An opportunity to experientially see the impact of different response styles with a real group within a collegial setting

The overall purpose of the course is to provide the participants with a simple and elegant way of working with change so they feel better equipped to work with it. We want participants to learn about and appreciate different response styles to change in an engaging and supportive environment. Participants should leave with some practical tools to help them work with changes going on in their lives.


This course is most successful as a half day workshop.  Size of participant group is flexible, best suited for no less than 15 and groups can be as large as 40.


Catherine Perry is a highly skilled executive coach, and facilitator who has 35 years of experience leading teams across Canada. Her passion for people development and coaching individuals and teams to their highest potential is what drives her. Catherine has been trained using a variety of tools, including, most recently being trained through CRR Global using the Organization and Relationship Systems coaching methodology, as well as the Leapers, Bridgebuilders and Tradition Holders course.


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