Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

With a passion for developing women on a pathway through their leadership journey, you will realize your potential, set goals for incremental milestone achievement and dig deeper into the leader that is within.

  • Together we will mine for your potential
  • Discover your strengths
  • Build your confidence
  • Commit to a regular cadence of goal setting and review
  • Be supported throughout the stages of your leadership career

We have all heard the quotes about strong women in leadership.

If I were to ask your colleague’s or directs to give me a few adjectives to describe your leadership, what would they be?

Direct? Forthright? Challenger? Encourager?  Builder, Visionary, Strategist, Driven, etc. Do these words have positive or negative connotations for you when you think of women in leadership positions?

What if I were to use the word “servant” what would that drum up for you? Weakness or strength?

I submit to you that the higher you climb, the more you are responsible to serve. Anyone can command performance in the short term, but do your people respect you enough to want to follow you?

Do they know you have their back, in good times and bad and that your high expectations of them are because you believe deeply in their ability to deliver?

Do they know you are there to serve them, the system and the organization? Will they follow you in good times and bad? How do you describe your own leadership? 

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