Catherine Perry

Change Leader

Over the course of your life and career, you will have many doors open and close. The courageous few will take the door closing as a sign of another opening into a new and fulfilling life.

You are courageous! You have taken a leap of faith, or many and there are many in your future.  There is a fire in your belly, there is a song yet unsung, a bridge not yet crossed yet you know it is there calling you forth!

How do you harness that drive and excitement? Or do you shove it down and get on with your day, saying, you have a mortgage to pay and kids to feed?

I know, that fire in your belly will eventually turn into a courageous leap into your new and fulfilling life, or it will lie dormant until you can’t feel it or hear it anymore.

How do you know when it is time to make a move? Make an announcement? Take a risk? Jump? 

Many of my clients tell me that the rumbling will get louder until you action it or kill it, what’s it going to be?

My gut says you are ready! Ready for the next career move, ready for the new enterprise, created by you? Ready for that fulfilling life as a single? Ready for moving forward into that new and fulfilling business? Ready to come out of hiding? Ready to take the leap?  

You have the courage, you have the talent, you have the grit. What you need is already in you, you will path your way forward to your most courageous leap into your most fulfilling life!  

What are you waiting for?

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