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As a coach, you got me to dream big and push those dreams down into reality to the point that I'm actively working on a future for myself I could only imagine a short time ago. With the mental fitness coaching, I have gained so much insight into my work and private life that has enabled me to view things from a completely different perspective. I have grown courage, self esteem and more self confidence through my coaching sessions with you. As a result, I have taken on more significant projects and initiatives at work and improved as a people leader. Peers and employees come to me for advice.   In my personal life, I have been able to open new opportunities for myself and see gifts in my day to day interactions with friends, family and coworkers. I see everything from a place of positivity. Working with you has truly been a great gift.


Catherine came into my life when I was a young lady, in college. Her passion to help young women grow and develop into successful strong women is what made me who I am today. She mentored me and supported me through the good and the bad and never judged my choices. She continued to praise me and encourage me to find who I am and be proud of my identity.


Catherine, you ask great questions! I think your curious and inquisitive nature have helped me dig beyond my comfort zone and discover what I really want. I also love your caring & supportive approach. Thank you Catherine for sharing your gift with me!.


I'm so grateful for the genuine way you can connect with people.  No matter the issue, you can see all angles and give honest, sound options and advice.  You encouraged me to be my true self with no judgement.  You helped me to focus on my strengths and use them to manoeuvre through challenging situations at work.  You are amazing! .

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Catherine has been instrumental in the growth and success of my business.   As a small business owner I faced many challenges over the years such as hiring the right people for the job,  staff issues,  time management, priorities, the list goes on.   As a coach and mentor she has become a valued and greatly appreciated Leader who was always there with good advice and support.   It is people like Catherine who make our world so much better by putting people first!.

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I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Catherine. Catherine is a really good listener and has the ability to ask the right questions to lead me to very solid findings and decisions. I have been better able to look a problems or situations in different ways with her help and also being able to find very meaningful solutions.

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For 2 years, Catherine Perry acted as my professional coach. I am thankful for the time I had with her, as it has helped me grow as a leader and helped me be a better coach to my staff. I was introduced to coaching prior to working with Catherine, but felt that I grew the most while she was my coach. Catherine challenged me to always think bigger – about my solutions, my impact and my goals. She held me accountable to my action plans and helped me discover ways to utilize my coaching ideas within my personal life as well. I would highly recommend Catherine Perry as a trusted coach, both personally and professionally.  .

Financial Security Advisor

Catherine has been a colleague and mentor throughout my 35 + years in the insurance industry.   I have always valued our relationship of open and honest communication.  Catherine is inspiring, positive, a solid sounding board and confidential, with no judgements imposed.   Her genuine nature, experience and interest to help others succeed shines through every time.

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