Autumn In PS

A change in the Seasons

What do the change of seasons do inside your business? Fall - new start, refocus. January - clean slate, regroup and set goals. Spring - review what's working and what's not. Summer -  take a step back, regroup, recharge and fill the tank with what will be needed for the fall. And so on, and so on.....

Sound familiar? It's a cyclical pattern that many businesses follow. Does it work? Sometimes, maybe even often times, but is it the right approach?  Do you get maximized results with this approach? 

I have changed my thinking on what works and I am thinking about new and exciting strategies. Cutting edge strategies that cut through the "what next" to the "what's possible?"

When you boil everything down to the nitty-gritty, what does success require? How you relate to others, how you build relationships and how the different systems you are a part of work together will determine the successful life of the team/system/relationship and provide the absolute best results. 

This is the exciting part! What makes teams tick and become something special? Have you ever thought back to a time in your life when you realize that you had a "magic" relationship? Or a "magic" team? How special and amazing was that, and why was that? 

What were the results? Did you struggle to get clarity on goals or momentum on results? Probably not, because when you get into the "zone" or when you "get to flow" of that perfect fit of trust, relationship, creativity, and impact, you get lift, you get results, you get excitement, you get success, you knock it out of the park! 

What do you expect from your team? 

Each and every environment is made up of different personalities and with each personality come certain expectations and approaches. Where you came from, how things "were" in your previous environment, what certain looks, attitudes, and words are interpreted to mean, how someone relates to you vs. your leader or the senior management all play out in different ways. 

Every system you are a part of has a "personality" of its own. You and your coworker who work on that project together are a system. You and your leader are a system. You and the team are yet another system and each of these systems create an energy and have something to say. 

If I were to ask you what the culture or the "voice of the system" has to say to the team, what would you think it would say? 

Does every part of the system get equal air time? What is missing in the voice of the system? Is there an elephant in the room? 

I have come to respect and look for the voice of the system in any of the offices I frequent. That voice has some valuable feedback for the team and how successful they will be. 

It's a fascinating science and it works. I am actually learning so much from listening to the voices of the systems and observing how the voices express themselves within the environment. 

Does this pique your curiosity? It should! What are your systems saying about the success you desire to have, the growth you desire to see and the potential that exists? 

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